Tank Transport Thys has had the Lean & Green award since 2013. Ever since then, we have made giant steps in making our activities more sustainable. And with success: we are on course in realising a CO2 emissions reduction of 20%.

Project-based approach

To achieve this goal, numerous measures were taken:
- avoiding empty kilometers by using Jumbo tankers
- increasing the load capacity by using lighter tankers
- 100% of our fleet has Euro 6 engines

All our drivers receive Eco-drive and defensive driving training. Much is gained with this. The driving behaviour of a driver is ultimately decisive for the efficient use of the truck.

Eco score

The eco-score provides information about the driving behaviour of our drivers. This may include the monitoring of stationary turning, engine use, braking behaviour, gear changes and level of anticipation. Based on this information, the drivers are able to improve their performance continuously.

The rolling resistance of the tires has impact to the fuel consumption. The rolling resitance is optimised by:
- an automatic tire pressure system
- control over the alignment of the vehicles
- use of tires with low rolling resistance

Thys is also always looking for new ways to further reduce its CO2 footprint. To this end, we participated in, among others, the “Powering Logistics 2020” project. In this project, we looked for ways to test alternative fuels for heavy transport via the roads. This project was supported by the Flemish Institute for Logistics, the Flemish government and the Agency for Innovation through Science and Technology.